CUIP Office Move is complete

As we pre­vi­ously posted, dur­ing the Spring and Sum­mer quar­ters the CUIP staff packed up our assorted equip­ment and fur­ni­ture in prepa­ra­tion for a move to an entirely new build­ing, along with our gra­cious hosts, the Astron­omy and Astro­physics Depart­ment.   Though the move didn’t take place as early as those pre­vi­ous posts antic­i­pated, it did get done over the Thanks­giv­ing week­end and the week of Decem­ber 1st.  The thor­ough plan­ning and prepa­ra­tion on the part of the Astron­omy Department’s relo­ca­tion com­mit­tee and the pro­fes­sional mov­ing com­pany resulted in a very smooth and com­fort­able transition.

We are now hap­pily ensconced in the TAAC Build­ing (Tem­po­rary Astron­omy and Astro­physics Cen­ter) which fronts on Drexel Avenue.  We hope to have an oppor­tu­nity early in the new year to wel­come as guests vis­it­ing our new facil­ity any of our col­leagues in the schools and our NSP Tech students.

Here are some pic­tures in the new office.

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