CUIP At Beasley

CUIP is pleased to be engaged in some tech sup­port and setup work at Beasley Aca­d­e­mic Cen­ter. Work­ing closely with Assis­tant Prin­ci­pal Ms. Jaidah Wil­son and Media Cen­ter Spe­cial­ist (Librar­ian) Mr. Chris Dow­ell, CUIP has been assem­bling some of the school’s older and some newer com­put­ers into a work­ing Library Com­puter Lab.

The school’s plan for the Library also includes enrolling it in the CPS-wide SOAR web-based library automa­tion sys­tem, ini­ti­ated and man­aged by CPS’s Depart­ment of Libraries. CUIP antic­i­pates help­ing Beasley with the “ret­ro­spec­tive con­ver­sion” process used to enter their cur­rent hold­ings into the SOAR database.

Mr. Dow­ell has already begun using the Library Com­puter Lab with classes, lead­ing them to help­ful web sites explain­ing the use of libraries. When the SOAR enroll­ment is com­plete, the stu­dent sta­tions will get links to the SOAR online cat­a­log spe­cific to the school, and the teacher/librarian sta­tion adja­cent to the Library Lab will be set up for live oper­a­tion of the SOAR cir­cu­la­tion system.

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