CUIP Office Moving

Along with the Astron­omy and Astro­physics depart­ment, our host at the Uni­ver­sity of Chicago, CUIP’s cam­pus offices will be moved dur­ing the sum­mer of 2011, to make way for a ren­o­va­tion of the Research Insti­tutes. We will be housed in a “tem­po­rary” struc­ture while the cur­rent Astron­omy and Astro­physics Cen­ter (AAC build­ing) is cleared away! Despite the des­ig­na­tion of tem­po­rary, our stay in the new loca­tion will likely be a mat­ter of two years or so.

The CUIP staff has been clean­ing out desks and plan­ning for the move. In these pic­tures we are toss­ing // recy­cling some items from our office, and pack­ing up other items that we want to bring to our new quar­ters but don’t need access to for the next six weeks or so until the move.

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